Carmona, summer, sunflowers and wheat

Carmona, summer, sunflowers and wheat

We have just reached  summer. In one week time sunflowers will start drying on stem losing their attractive yellow colour. To welcome summer, I would like to share with you the four cardinal walking points of Carmona …


If you drive from Madrid or Cordoba to Seville, you’ll see this sunflowers bed with view on Carmona on the crest of the hill, full west coming from the east.


Looking on your right in the background, note the golden beige colour of wheat fields.


If you remember my blog and take first road sign to Carmona, around 16 June, you’ll get under the highway and will view white houses, then the ruins of the Rey Don Pedro the crual’s fortress and the Parador.


Just a quick look on sunflowers growing more to catch the sun and….


Could you ever dream of a better view of the upper part of  Parador Hotel and Fortress ?

Now if you take second way out to “Carmona” driving over the highway


and make your mind to refresh at the municipal swimming-pool of Carmona, this is the view you’ll get swimming looking North. Being still early, it was slightly misty and cloudy!


and with changing light, same view


Now,  opposite way with your back south and your camera north in la Vega.  You could easily fall in love with that “plain”.  To get same view, you follow the sign Arahal from Puerta de Sevilla’s round about and park first paved road right  with a prohibited sign because the road is in very bad conditions.


From the repeaters  tower along the upper cliff is Los Almendrales public garden. This plain called “la vega” is my favourite. There is a mystery about it I would like to solve one day. Everybody agree this plain was a sea before. However the mystery and debate is “when”?  Was it 800,000 years ago when huge earthquake separated the European continent from the African at the straight of Gibraltar, 60 miles south  from there? Or was it during the Roman occupancy because according to some historians, Carmona was then a cliff dominating the sea side…  It is the plain we drove through in the article called springtime in Carmona.


If you look at this photo taken from Los Almendrales . The condemned road follows the green and the triangle wheat-sunflower is when the road departs from the green, at the height of the grove of trees also appearing on this article is where we can park the car.


Speaking of colours, who doesn’t like the colour of wheat? A little further west you can park your car more safely to go for what we use to call a “no decibel walk” in open field cultures.

Following photos were taken during a walk. This is the triangular place serving of natural car park


The first was taken on 30 March 2014. Green is the wheat. Brown is the future sunflower field.





The second was taken two months later on 29 May and I cannot resist adding to this “sunflower” article the magnificent colours and symbol of wheat at  harvest time.



Same view, same place but reversed colours!!!!!!



This is the view opposite parking  looking south to the grove of trees on 30 March 2014.


Similar view two months later on 29 May. You’ll note the harvest was just starting.SAM_3627_Converted

Two weeks later we park same place again for our walk and…


The field was cropped and sunflowers had considerably grown up.


Walking back to the car on this zero decibel no traffic road, the monster of the combined wheat harvesting machine came. On this photo you might guess my daughter knelt down under it, right hand side.


I had time to depart from the road and to take this inhuman expression of modernity rented by farmers.


A double tribute to early summer is this photo of children getting at for their last week class before long summer holidays at Los Almendrales school….


… and the blooming of this shrub I am unable to name but worth seeing!.