Agroporc, an Andalusian September fair

Agroporc, an Andalusian September fair


Agroporc is an agricultural and livestock fair, a big event taking place in Carmona for the 7th edition with 200 companies and exhibitors including traders from Carmona and Andalusia and a horse dressage competition. I would like to share with you what I could discover over 11.6 acres during three days. This year it was from 25 to 28 September 2014.

Entering, you discovered the organic farming association at a few kilometers from Carmona




organic ham from the neighbouring town of Morón de la Frontera at reasonable prices


and organic olives with the assurance that we can spend sometime there to visit them… Why not?


The finding of the fair is that the Andalusian government has published a booklet on many sales points where you can buy or order organic products in the 8 andalusian provinces.

For the first time in my life, I was given the opportunity to taste comb honey stored by bees in the cells of freshly built broodless combs or thin comb foundation sheets



I was a bit afraid, but the smile of the lady convinced me I could….It was fantastic and I understood why bears liked honey so much! I’ll visit this place in the Cadiz Province at first opportunity!


Then a smiling young entrepreneur from Carmona presented her hand-made creation. Her blog is


I also had the opportunity to experience how you fill up Andalusian ceramic tiles thanks to Grabado y Cerámica española.




It is made with the liquid you see on the table and the technique is called cuerda seca or dry string technique: easy and magic!


I asked an adorable child to be my model showing how comfortable te traditional Sevillan chairs are. Exhibitor came from El viso del Arcar ( )


The last open air exhibitor was a craftsman who recycled any and all material who lived in Cañada Rosal (Seville). The table and the bar for example are a traditional way to work the land with wood and sharp embedded stones. Note the funny still.


Before furthering up the discovery of the fair, you could refresh yourself with  members of the Rocio’s brotherhood working to raise funds for the 25th anniversary of la Hermandad del Rocio , next year. Bravo!



There was many other places to refresh and eat… Sorry not having been able to cover it all!

Right hand side you have the livestock plus the horse competition grounds


Porcs were absent except on videos and screens. The sheep had a great success with kids.


So did the horses. Despite my three visits there, I missed horse contests. I congratulate the speaker of that competition who announced future events non-stop. It gave me the opportunity to admire the colour of the Sevillan yellow sand called Albero!


However it gave me however the opportunity to to admire the colour of the Sevillan yellow sand caled Albero!


and to catch a smile from a Carmonense


Sunday morning, I had a brief look on the clamps of the impressive olive collecting machines (to shake them) .





I could also watch the finalist of the dressage contest… so andaluz!

Horse lovers should not miss this fair. They can spend the whole day there. Something always happens like this training session. I also liked the fact that these two “finalists” shared their training ground.









Here is another rider with his horse. I love snatching “moments”.


It might rain end of September. You then have the possibility to quietly discover Carmona shops and services. The Town Hall converted one of the city gyms into exhibition hall. Variety, diversity and plenty of time to browse… a nice way to discover or re-discover what’s up in Carmona including at its fringe.



For example you happen to know that the accessories and fashion shop Carmin will move next month to 61 Calle Real “the” commercial street of Carmona you easily reach walking up this narrow street from Teatro Cerezo.


For example you happen to know that the accessories and fashion shop Carmin will move next month to 61 Calle Real “the” commercial street of Carmona you easily reach walking up this narrow street up from Teatro Cerezo.

Two photographers have been installed for ages Calle Real, the third newcomer was present.


As well as a second photographer from nearby town of Lora del Río.


In Fernández Zayas, you could also buy paintings from Carmona.



At Tourist office of Puerta de Sevilla, you might see this very smiling lady who handed  me a super bilingual brochure  called Get married in Carmona created by the “employment workshop” of Carmona.

In line with this initiative, Hotel  Alcazar de la Reina –  next stand –  also promoted the fact that they provide the environment for a sumptuous marriage.


The General Manager was there in person to assure the promotion. To induce that hair dressing and make up could happen at the hotel an interesting demonstration was organised by Indalo, their collaborating local hairdresser in Carmona.



Have a look at the nice table setting of Hotel Alcazar de la Reina, behind.


Next showroom presented the interesting initiative of the association “Carmona en Viñetas” (Carmona and Cartoon strips). It published a comic book about the civil war in Madrid called 1936, La batalla de Madrid…. The art of the Comic is alive, active and present IN CARMONA!



These are natural dry fruit sweets and the exhibitor came from Seville. So did the perfume seller.






We tried to have a look on my blog with “Jugueteria Manoli” and I discovered that according to the smart phones, you might need using a lap top or a PC  to download all the photos.

I also warmly thank the young lady of House of English who kindly showed this blog on her screen



Two charities were also present. One was the stand of Teodomiro Association for handicapped children giving to Francisco Jose Angulo (on the photo with his daughter Nuria) the opportunity to sell the poetry book authored and published by him : “Todo por Don Pablo” (look in Facebook) It tells  how difficult it has been and it is to fight against the cerebral paralysis and West syndrome of his 16 years old son. Pablo. The book will be for sale soon in Amazon.


The other was held by Carmonense ladies on behalf of the cakes cooked by the nuns of the convent of Santa Clara: delicious.



Carmona has two industrial areas. Circuito belongs to the newest and biggest area with his owner Juan born in Carmona and working since 1960, a fascinating person I had time to chat with him.

Here he is in the lower photo




There is also a shop in the new extension of Carmona,  C/ Jara dedicated to equestrian sport in general whom I recommend to my foreign visitors looking for something chic nobody would wear where they live. It is called Jara & Romero. They were there.


The Feria gave me the opportunity to discover that they offered outlets.


I also wish to mention another young entrepreneur from Carmona who started his own catering company called Lola Catering (


Moises, one of  its main partners was assuring the catering for private commercial events at the “Caseta Municipal”

SAM_5182_ConvertedHere he is, working with his  team.


Mercedes, the owner, offered a relaxing and pleasant massage.

A local and provincial industrial groupinstalled in the second industrial area of Carmona was also present.



This newly established dental company had a separate room to show a video offering their services.


The following are other exhibitors, most from outside; some from Carmona








SAM_5232_ConvertedTwo insurance companies, one of which is also Calle Real will end this trade fair though outside, in front of the Caseta Municipal, other exhibitors were presenting their products like this food cooked by people from Ronda.


Wishing to highlight that Carmona’s Agroporc September fair was an Andalusian fair, first photo being a rider I wanted last photos to display the closing Flamenco show. I was too emotionally and physically tired to attend this event given on Sunday just prior to the official closing at 6pm. I have called Mª Carmen Alcántara, my daughter’s Sevillana and Flamenco teacher to send me photos of the performance of their recently created artistic group called La Hora Bruja. So she did.


Mª Carmen Alcántara is left, the singer Juan Gonzales is above the guitar player Carlos Rodríguez, Manuela Fernández is right.





If this kind of event interests you, please don’t forget AGROPORC Carmona, next year end of September.