Theatre School Felix Gomez in Carmona

Theatre School Felix Gomez in Carmona

You are registered as living in Carmona and you wish that something new to happen in your life? A great option is the Theatre school Felix Gomez of Carmona.




I wondered who Felix Gomez was. Looking first at the official website mentioning any actor having something to do with American film or TV industry:

I learnt that he was born in Seville. But dear Wikipedia corrected detailing he was born in Carmona, province of Seville in 1977. Indeed people from Carmona and many Spaniards know this handsome young man who appeared in famous Spanish TV series such as Al salir de Clase or Amar es Para siempre or Heredero. He is now playing a computer engineer for an ABC Family channel series called “Stichers”. Felix is very happy to sponsor these classes. He follows them as much as he can and whenever back here he will take part to classes.




ovacion merecida

End of May this year in this blog I published an article called Carmonenses in the limelight of Teatro Cerezo where I told how great it had been to discover a theatre play called – a radio named desire –  created and interpreted for citizens of Carmona.



At the end of summer holidays, I applied to la Casa de la Cultura (cultural institute) to the 2014/2015 theatre classes promoted for the third consecutive year by the Municipal Cultural delegation of Carmona’s Town hall.


Tuesday 21 October, at 7p.m., I attended the first class of the two theatre group in the auditorium of the Youth building called – Hytassa (upper photo). Frankly, I was far from expecting so many surprises, such a dense happiness, so many good vibrations, and such a battery of positive emotions given and shared by the group of participants under the leadership of the actress Ana Ropa, who is heading this class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was not expecting that so many positive emotions would increase my blood pressure up to a dangerous level given my heart disease. It sure did!


I could just take a few photos from this first class. Specifically it was an exercise where one group who had closed their eyes had to guess what scene the other group had wanted to stage through explanation of their posture given by each person. In this case it was the raising up of the flag in an army.


Our group is listening to the other group who tried to guess what we had wanted to stage.

Ana Ropa, our teacher, is the third left. Wishing to know more about Félix Gómez, Ana explained that they had attended same class at the Theatre Institute of Seville where they had had the privilege to benefit from an extraordinary actor’s training. Being working out of Spanish borders, this school bearing his name, Felix Gomez wanted this Carmona’s theatre school to benefit from same spirit and skills than his former Seville Theatre Institute. He was delighted to sponsor it and would attend the classes whenever back home.

During the first class Ana reminded us that in English, French or German, the expression desempeñar a role was translated as to  “play a role” (jouer in French, and  Spielen in German). She said we would “play”. That’s what we did. The first thing she did was to stand up comfortably and relaxed exactly like beginning a Tai Chi, Chi Kung training class.

Next Thursday, at same hour I told my mates why I had to drop them off (this serious Heart disease) and told them my wish to talk abut it in my blog while taking photos. They all kindly accepted to co-operate.


The only exercise repeated from the first class was group co-ordination and concentration group. Someone claps his or her hands and the person aside forwards it to next person. If not forwarded it gets lost. Sometimes two hand claps had to be forwarded at once. Here, young Julio forwards to young Maria. You will note Mario sitting in the background his ankle having been hurt playing football.


Second round. Could you quote another municipal workshop where you could play and form a group, a troop with so different generations present? All noted improvement compared with first class. They already were more focused!


Ana called second exercise “crazy applauses” (this is Julio in his third year already) and Ana giving the tone. Each student goes to the centre, and tells one single sentence while the whole circle “pays in back” by vivid applauses.


Here, Elisa nicely waives. It is her second year class.


The elated Ana Mª telling her sentence (second year class too).


Irene is getting a “crazy” homage given by new recruit Juan Antonio.


Can you hear the cries and applauses during the second theatre class of Mª Angeles?


and Mario’s smile during his ovation is the proof that it was worth attending class despite his health problems.


Third exercise was called “stage walk “, to feel and be aware moving within a stage space.



Walking, the students relaxed and became aware of the pace or of the way they occupied stage space. As at outsider, it made me wonder how we do occupy space in our daily life. The exercise ended having to fix a specific point with the eyes and change direction walking towards that point.







Fourth exercise was in two parts. It was called “Matrimonial Agency”.


Ana explained they had to seat one in front of the other. Each one had to give honest replies to be able to memorise them.

– What is your favourite colour? ¿How would you perfect night be? What is your favourite food? With what epitaph would you like to be reminded? What would be the title of your next book?


Just before starting I made a portrait of Manuel. During first class Manuel had been silent and timid two hours in a row. I wondered where Manuel’s shyness went. He had just needed three hours to fully integrate the new troop.


Hi Maria !I was really surprised how easy it was for each person to formulate answers and how varied the answers were. For example the favourite food of one of the youngest Carmonense was Chinese food! Five minutes later those sitting on a chair moved to next chair and started again with a new partner.






I listened and took notes sitting here and there. They were having a great time! I think that these classes are a fantastic opportunity to exchange and share common experiences among adults and youth. If you have generational problems at home, to talk with young people during these classes might probably indulge you to better communicate with your kids or teenager grand children. I would bet it also works reverse!


Ana explained that fifth exercise was to get on the stage and that one of the two people having sat together introduces his mate to the audience the best they could.


It is during the fourth hour of these two first classes that stage’s charm began.


Elisa and María


They could also better know each other. For example the favourite colour of Juan Antonio simply did not exist it was “moraico”.


They appreciated one another. I noted a nice epitaph “coming back in 5 minutes!” Almost all young students had problems to remind the word “epitaph” so far away from their present lives.


I will neither unveil their tastes nor their dreams but would like to mention that the book Julio (below) would like to write would be about this Theatre school.


I hope you’ll do it Julio. I’m sure it would be worth it!


Last exercise was that each student had to represent one word through a mimic on stage the audience having to guess it.


You can try to figure it out and comment it down… ! Young Julio will answer!




I hope that after having read this article some of the people living in Carmona will want to form part of the group. Candidacies are still open due to drop offs like me or someone who moved, or found a job outside Carmona. Only first step counts, then will apply the group’s magic of this future troop that will act under the limelight of Teatro Cerezo at class end. It will brighten your life and give you nice memories either simply walking on stage or reading or reciting your role.


How pleasant it is to “live in Carmona”!