Critters and pets in Carmona_1

Donkeys, dogs, cats, birds and goats are the critters and pets I see most of in Carmona,

1_Carmona_critters_and_pets_photo JA

These pictures were taken five minutes walk from my house. Dani taught me the “critter of the day” concept, meaning one creature a day… Same donkeys appear on the street in this feature picture. They are my morning ‘promenade’ companions.

2_Carmona_critters_and_pets_photo JA

One of them in its natural habitat-shelter.

This pony also lives down the cliff at the end of the street.


47_Carmona_critters Carmona is surrounded by fighting bulls. A special article will be dedicated to them.

1_horses_around_carmona_photo_JArtaudThe same is true with horses present in abundance all around.

2_horses_around_carmona_photo_JArtaudI will only show this one which I watch getting older and whiter.

1_dogs_around_carmona_photo_JArtaudA reminder we first had a dog in Carmona we brought from Marbella in 2002. His name was Charly Brown and here he is in 2004 with Dani.


Let’s talk about the dogs I meet in my daily promenade on Carmona’s cliff. Here is a French Bulldog.

3_dogs_around_carmona_photo_JArtaudDog walkers follow morning walkers after 10 am at Carmona’s  garden park Los Almendrales


3_dogs_around_carmona_photo_JArtaudSebastian the neighbour strolls with his Labrador

4_dogs_around_carmona_photo_JArtaudA dog park is also present.


This lady is one of the many Carmona inhabitants who adopt abandoned dogs: there are  Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz (Andalusian wine-cellar rat-hunting dog). Good for the dogs! There are many associations in Carmona.


During the hunting period, abandoned “galgos” or hounds are also adopted

10_dogs_around_carmona_photo_JArtaudMost have to be cured as it is the case in the lower photo. There is a Dutch lady living in Carmona belonging to GREYHOUNDS RESCUE HOLLAND


One of the popular breed in Carmona is the Spanish Water Dog.

11_dogs_around_carmona_photo_JArtaudWe met Manuel and Kenia his Spanish Water Dog. In the below photo is Kenia as a puppy- colour chocolate – and today’s Kenia at Los Almendrales playing with a cat. Manuel explained that these dogs as well as changing colour had skin in between their paws helping them to swim better.

12_dogs_around_carmona_photo_JArtaudMy favourite water dog is undoubtedly Willy, below playing with water.


Willy with his red tie


Of the eight dogs of El Arrecife Viejo, these are two cute ones.



14_dogs_around_carmona_photo_JArtaudWalking by the street, another happy owner of a Turkish water dog (below)


We conclude the dog section with a public show of Seville Guardia Civil’s dogs in Carmona.



This is Manuel the cabrero (the goat keeper) who prefers to feed a family of goats around Los Almendrales than staying at a bar. We love his critters.


Goats are all around carmona too. We love them

4_goats_carmona_photo_JArtaud5_goats_carmona_photo_JArtaudGoats you see them everywhere, maybe not under this heavenly light!

10_Carmona_crittersWe became a cat family adopting Coco in October 2013


Coco is a typical indoor cat and she has the window and the three house patios to eat, play and move with ease. Coco is a family member.



All other cats here are outdoors, from street cats at Los Almendrales (below)



to a patio cat


Carmona cat lovers

40_Carmona_crittersCampo Cat (thank you Clara!)


9_cats__carmona_photo_JArtaudWhat about the birds?


Birds enchant us with their sounds in the early mornings and around sunset. They are our “free” critters

2_birds_carmona_photo_JArtaudHowever tourists can watch two stork nests and families, mornings, stepping up the tower of Santa Clara Convent, Carmona


However tourists can watch the two stork nests and their families on the tower of Santa Clara Convent, Carmona

Carmona is rich in critters and pets. Other posts will come. However December being with  us, let’s show our closing with winter dog wear.