The Feria in Carmona, Seville: a sheer happiness

The Feria in Carmona, Seville: a sheer happiness

From the third Wednesday in May until the following Sunday, the only word you need to know if you wish to sit anywhere with someone, or to dance, or take video or photos being a visitor is “Puedo?” (may I) and smile.


This year night photos were taken by my daughter Valérie Joan Dianoux (the blonde below with blue strands).


In the next photo is where appears the oldest lady (the author of this blog) is a clear illustration of the miracles that happen during the Feria. In this photo you can see that my friend Clara has a severe cold, and in the following montage you can see her dancing the ‘Sevillana’.



Pilar, another friend of ours shows in the two following photos that she wore a flamenco costume one day and another the following day. She is in the company of her son Fidel and one of his best friends, Pablo.


Do you think that this friend of Fidel studying in Jerez is imitating well the Dalton Brothers?

35_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona37_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona5_Valerie_J_Dianoux_feria_Carmona3_Valerie_J_Dianoux_feria_Carmona2_Valerie_J_Dianoux_feria_Carmona4_Valerie_J_Dianoux_feria_Carmona8_Valerie_J_Dianoux_feria_Carmona6_Valerie_J_Dianoux_feria_Carmona33_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona17_Valerie_J_Dianoux_feria_Carmona27_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona36_Joane_Artaud_feria_CarmonaJoane_Artaud_feria_Carmona46_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona47_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona20_Valerie_J_Dianoux_feria_CarmonaValerie_J_Dianoux_feria_Carmona49_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona25_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona13_Valerie_J_Dianoux_feria_Carmona28_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona50_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona42_Joane_Artaud_feria_Carmona38_Joane_Artaud_feria_CarmonaLiving in Carmona, Seville is a real pleasure. Viva the Feriantes who never miss one Feria!. ¡Viva Carmona!