The wisdom and empathy of the People

The wisdom and empathy of the People

On 21 August 2018 Carmona’s shops & businesses closed to join the protest against the brutal killings of Jian Lin Wan on 19 May in his Chinese bazaar and of Francisco Cintado, better known as Paco, in his jewellery shop on 6 August.


Approximately a third of the population protested in silence in the street,  wearing black as sign of mourning, others wore T-shirts showing the names of the victims. Many held posters protesting the lack of security in the locality.

Expressing emotion is often a difficult and private process. It is often said that one image is worth a thousand words. This post displays 50 photos with only 300 words. The faces of the many thousands protesting and the feeling you will have watching them convey these emotions.


People walking up to the initial starting point of the protest.


A very moving minute of silence whilst facing San Anton Church.

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After the protest, I interviewed Rosario Ortiz Falcón, the spokesperson of the business community of Carmona. She read an emotional eulogy written by Manolo Martínez as homage to Paco and Wan.  She told me she received a call from the local management of Lidl and Mercadona to confirm that it was an apolitical protest. She explained that at front line of the protest, in addition to representatives of shop owners and the family members of the victims, also present was the Mayors of Carmona, La Campana, Mairena del Alcor and of Viso del Alcor, to express their support and share their concerns of the citizens of their towns.


Making photos from the balcony


The person waving a “Peace & Love” sign is my daughter Valérie who joined the protest as a resident of Carmona. It was her who took powerful photos from within the crowd.

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Too many people to reach Plaza de Arriba.



Everybody will remember the 21st August 2018 as a whole city’s display of shared empathy.