The colour of Heat

The colour of Heat

The many tourists driving along the Andalusian freeways can admire same bushes of red, pink and white oleanders  than at the two entrances of Carmona.

summerheat_030summerheat_031At the el Viso round about or at first entrance from the freeway to Seville

summerheat_034summerheat_036summerheat_035Yet, my favourite colour is by far the explosion of red bougainvilleas everywhere in town, from the cornice to the school fence, houses and parks

summerheat_39summerheat_37summerheat_38The vega (plain) seen from Carmona has got nice colours as well



Normally the pale violet Jacaranda bloom end of April, early May. This year it was end of June!

summerheat_010summerheat_011summerheat_012I liked this photo of the lady selling churros by San Anton church round about.

summerheat_013summerheat_014summerheat_006Calle San Anton is just a marvel full of Jacaranda. In the midle of the street you can have breakfast at “El Crusanito” (the small croissant) hold by a family with Fran from Carmona. It is the only place in Carmona with home made croissant with butter


summerheat_020From the shade of the square to the shade of the bar,  most appreciated commodity, summertime.



I mentioned the colours of heat, unfortunately, this blog cannot share with you the “smells” of heat like Jasmine, a natural mosquito repellant. If you want to learn more about summer, browse my blog!