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Who are you? My name is Joane Artaud, French by birth I consider myself as a citizen of the world because I lived in France and Germany up to 20, then in French Congo at 21-22, in Paris till I was 26. I then flew to West Africa where I stayed till my 45th birthday. At that age I moved to Andalusia (Spain).  I first lived and worked in Marbella, Costa del Sol till I was 60 then established myself in Carmona, Province of Seville till to day where I’ll celebrate my 72nd birthday end of December 2014.  I also travelled throughout Europe, Africa and North and Central America.



What did your professional life look like? I consider myself as having been a “word seller” and a free lance professional :  Commercial and legal Translator, International Conference Interpreter and even Local Production Manager of a Walt Disney Picture feature film, Journalist, Publisher of an English magazine while in Marbella where I have also been a tourist guide in Andalusia.

I am now a happy pensioner who is trying to be a blogger.

What are your craziest memories in each of these professions? They are so many that they should deserve a book. However finding ourselves in the digital era I want to spend my energy into this blog.

Is it difficult to create a blog? For me yes it is!

ASOMBRAJPGAre all photos yours? Yes they are at 99.99%. All other photos bear mention of their common domain or sources. I will try to put the title and reference in my next photos though it will give me more work. I made photos since I was twenty but today my digital photo camera always accompany me to be able to capture all these unexpected agreeable moments of my daily life in Carmona.

Why are you giving priority to photos? I want Living in Carmona Seville to be VISUAL. My style is verbal, words are supporting the photos and vive versa..

Are you translating yourself? Yes. I am aware that all languages and Spanish even more, contain “petit” mistakes. French is too English, English and Spanish are too French. That’s what happened to me over time. I mix up pure language syntaxes’ or lexical rules but I communicate. My (written) “accent” is my brand, as long as readers understand! This text is an exception as it has been edited by an English friend.

 Are you aware of your “mistakes”? Indeed I am! I mix up pure language syntaxes’ or lexical rules. But actually, I feel it’s not so important as the feelings or experiences I want to express and these are forwarded with or without spelling or grammar mistakes. It is also a sort of sweet revenge and a privilege for someone who has had to be “professionally perfect” for years and years. Now a day I am a simple pensioner who prefers publishing regularly in three different languages, privileging action over perfection.


Joane Artaud


Why have you 3 categories: Seville, Carmona, off-topic ?

You cannot compare a capital city of approx 1 million people like Seville with a “pueblo-ciudad” or village-town of 25,000 inhabitants like Carmona, even though at less than half hour drive from Seville and in the province of Seville.

Off-topic because I travel or read, watch TV or surf in Internet though living in Carmona, Seville and this deserves a special category.



Why are you using Wikipedia as your main sources?  Wikipedia is fascinating and multi-lingual. What is said in Spanish can sometimes be a poor translation from the almighty English; but most of the time English varies from the Spanish or the French or the German or the Italian….. Wikipedia looks like me. Not perfect but multi-lingual.

Joane Artaud

 Where are you aiming at with this blog? This blog pretends to share my joie de vivre with and my perennial curiosity at the service of the reader of this blog. I also want to show that the Three Kings parade, the Carnival, the Feria, the Holy week the town patron pilgrimage and the departure and arrival of pilgrims to el Rocio… and many other events making this town different and similar to many other towns throughout the world. I hope they can enjoy it and maybe that it give them the wish to visit it in person.



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